Shane Ryan

Shane Ryan

General Manager of Takeda Products Ireland

Pharma / Ireland

Investment in Ireland enhances Takeda’s global base

Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company Takeda celebrates 25 years in Ireland in 2022. General Manager Shane Ryan explains how its innovation brings value to Ireland and global healthcare, while being an employer of choice.

What is Takeda’s current standing in Ireland’s pharma sector?

Takeda boasts a rich heritage and is among the world’s oldest pharmaceutical companies, established over 240 years ago. We have a specific focus on specialist areas, particularly rare diseases, giving us a strong platform to continue and amplify our thought leadership. We have a broad portfolio enabling us to add value and build meaningful partnerships in the healthcare ecosystem.

Takeda Ireland started out in 1997 with a manufacturing establishment in Bray. In the past two years alone, the company has invested about €55 million to expand this original site and our production facility in Grange Castle. We see Ireland as an excellent location for high-quality manufacturing. The domestic market is small, but in terms of thought leadership, policy development, and positive impact in the healthcare ecosystem, we are more influential than size suggests. Ireland is an excellent example to be replicated globally.

What’s next for Takeda in Ireland?

The recent announcements on new plants show Takeda has a broad global base. Our ability to attract investment, especially for our rich pipeline of newer treatments, is key. The challenge is getting these to market in a timely fashion so that patients can benefit – a challenge that we will meet by continuing to work diligently with the key healthcare stakeholders.

How does Takeda secure the necessary talent in a very competitive industry?

For the fifth year running we are a certified top employer. We employ over 900 people across four sites in Ireland and view our workforce as our strongest asset. They identify with the company’s values and are true ambassadors. We have a major focus on lifelong learning and creating a vibrant, diverse environment. The industry primarily focuses on tertiary education and academic links, but it is important to foster apprenticeships that can offer good career prospects. We’re involved in industry and academic bodies, making us more visible and attractive to potential employees.