Real Estate & Construction / Portugal

“We invest in a fast developing neighborhood in Lisbon called Benfica”

Is Portugal a good investment at the moment? Why?
A sustainable appreciation of assets is expected. Portuguese real estate prices did not soar before the sub-prime crisis. Between 2009 and 2012, they went down 20% in average. Though prices have been increasing mainly because of foreign demand, the current price level is historically low and the country is recovering from the crisis.

How does Libertas group operate in the market?
Libertas group is present in all the value chain of real estate. We are a developer and we have our own fund management company, architects, engineers to build the projects, marketeers and our sales agency network (Casa em Portugal) to sell abroad, mainly in Europe and Portuguese speaking countries around the world. We are eager to make partnership with reliable Chinese partners.

In which areas of the city are you investing in?    
We are investing in the historical center and in a fast developing neighborhood in Lisbon called Benfica where you have the best private hospitals, the largest shopping mall in Portugal (Colombo), the largest office towers, the legendary Benfica football stadium (Estádio da Luz), the most prestigious schools and very good access to the airport. We are developing two private condominiums and a serviced apartment building with guaranteed return for the investor. Lisbon has a unique charm with heritage buildings, beautiful views, the sea, and nice weather.

What is your advice to the Chinese clients interested in this market?
Buy quality fully refurbished units or units in private condominiums. It is easier to rent with higher yield and the value of the asset is more protected than when you buy second hand.