Real Estate & Construction / Portugal

“We feel an increase of interest for Lisbon’s historic center and coastline”

Is it the right time to invest in Real Estate in Portugal and why?
Since September 2013, the demand has shown strong signs of recovery, mainly pushed from the international side. Portugal, compared to other European countries, didn’t suffer a price bubble, prices were quite stable for ten years and should increase from 2014 on. Adding to that, the attractive conditions created by the Portuguese Government contributed significantly to internationalise our industry.

What makes ES Property a key player?
Espírito Santo Property is one of the main references in real estate in Portugal due to the confidence of our clients, and the quality of our portfolio. We develop differentiating real estate projects, with excellent locations, targeted for the best value for money.

Does ES Property have a targeted offer for Chinese clients?
Espírito Santo Property is proud to develop projects that are targeted for clients from foreign countries as well. Our offer is, first of all, targeted for clients who are looking for a good investment. We feel an increase of interest on assets that have a privileged location in Lisbon’s historic center or coastline, namely Palácio Estoril Residências, Foz Diogo Botelho, near Oporto, and in Lisbon as Castilho 15 or Liberdade 238.

In addition, we would like to emphasise our project Oeiras Golf & Residence that it is getting a very positive commercial performance, supported by the “Golden Visa” programme. Espírito Santo Property is developing two new projects in Lisbon, Castilho 15 and Liberdade 238, that are good options for foreign customers who want to invest in real estate in Portugal. In the case of the Oeiras Golf & Residence, we are now building turnkey villas on demand. This possibility allows the client to have some adaptation to its own taste.