Dr. Hassib Sahyoun

Dr. Hassib Sahyoun

Chairman & CEO of MedLabs

Healthcare / Jordan

“We are going to set up 10 medical labs in Palestine”

Medical diagnostics group MedLabs recently signed a €2.15 million deal with the ERBD to open 10 laboratories in Palestine. Dr. Hassib Sahyoun, Chairman & CEO of MedLabs, discusses Palestine expansion and Jordan’s regional impact on healthcare.

How does MedLabs support regional healthcare?
Our impact started in 1993 as the first regional group practice in laboratory medicine. We started with five specialists and five laboratories. Today, we have 50 laboratories in Jordan, northern Iraq and Palestine, employing more than 450 professionals and running one of the largest reference laboratories in the region.

Can you explain your EBRD-financed project?
We are going to set up 10 medical labs in Palestine over the next two years through an EBRD deal we signed last May worth €2.15 million. We also constantly conduct vertical expansion in laboratory medicine. Our major partner for equipment and supplies is Roche, and we work with Siemens and others.

How do you give back to the community?
We promote preventive medicine very strongly. This is done through campaigns where we open our labs to the public for free testing. We’ve collected 10,000 samples in one day, free of charge, for diabetes and other diseases. We also support many projects in education and family health.