Manar Fayyad

Manar Fayyad

President of German Jordanian University

Education & Research / Jordan

“Partnerships with 110 German universities”

Having recently received German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German Jordanian University (GJU) now serves as a verified bridge between Jordan and Europe. GJU President Manar Fayyad reflects on the university’s cross-continental impact. 

What major impact has GJU made since its 2005 opening? 
GJU introduced a new education model for Jordan and the region, namely the applied science model. We now have schools in applied technical sciences, natural resources engineering and management, electrical engineering and IT, architecture and built environment, management and logistics, languages, applied humanities, and applied medical sciences. As of today, 85% of our students get a job in the first six months after graduation.

What partnerships does GJU have with Germany?
We have partnerships with 110 German universities of applied sciences, where our students spend half a year. Now we have 4,300 students, with undergraduates being obligated to spend one year in Germany.

How has GJU impacted the image of Jordan?
Since 2008, about 3,500 students spent one year in Germany. This year ,we also have 100 students from Europe studying here. They act as our ambassadors and this helps a lot in transfering knowledge and building cultural bridges, especially among the young generation.