Pambos Ioannides

Pambos Ioannides

Co-founding Partner and Managing Director of Ioannides Demetrious LLC

Business Services / Cyprus

“Investors are utilizing Cyprus to establish corporate vehicles for regional business”

One of the oldest and most prestigious commercial law firms practicing in Cyprus, Ioannides Demetrious LLC has participated in iconic projects that now define the island’s modern-day economy, including the Limassol Port, most of the countries highways and leading Cypriot businesses. Pambos Ioannides, co-founding Partner and Managing Diretor of Ioannides Demetrious LLC, tells us what the Cypriot experience offers investors.

Why do you believe Cyprus has gathered increasing interest from foreign investors?
Foreign investors have been very successful in this country. I am not aware of any international investors that were disappointed, mostly because of the positive experience of working within a Cypriot environment that offers equal treatment to all and understands the goal of mutual profit.

What is Cyprus’ relationship with China?
We feel friendly with China because they have been friendly to our country for many years, particularly in regards to political aspects. They have been staunch supporters of the Cyprus government and the Cyprus cause in the United Nations Security Council at all times. We feel indebted towards China because of this.

Why should investors look to you compared to other firms?
We are one of the most recognizable law firms in Cyprus and work for most elite private firms and international players in this country. In addition to the private sector, we are also trusted by the public sector. The current and previous Cypriot governments have entrusted us with major projects. We have proven reliable and skilful services, and we are trustworthy and responsible. As a result, today we have clients from across multiples fields, including banking, tourism, oil and gas and more.

What are the largest projects that you have been a part of?
I have acted as the legal advisor for many of the most influential Cypriot business people. During the 1970s, I was involved in the building of the existing Limassol Port. Later when the Cyprus Port Authority was established, I became the acting legal advisor for many years. Moreover, I have also been involved with most of the highways built in Cyprus.

What specialities have you established?
With over 50 years in practice, there are no areas that I have not worked in extensively. I have participated in the establishment of major funds, as well as in the areas of trade, industry, oil and gas, insurance, hotels and land development. Through this experience, I have seen increasing amounts of foreign groups and companies arrive. Investors are utilizing Cyprus to establish corporate vehicles for regional business.