Kjeld Binger

Kjeld Binger

CEO of Airport International Group

Aviation / Jordan

“A dedicated airport operator is an important advantage”

In April 2018, Groupe Aéroports de Paris (Groupe ADP) announced it was taking over Jordan’s main aviation hub, the Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA), by increasing its share to 51%. This acquisition came amidst a fever pitch moment, when QAIA completed a set of renovations worth $1 billion. Kjeld Binger, CEO of Airport International Group (AIG), shares with us how the new management structure will improve both services and quality. 

How do you view the majority-stake transfer to ADP?
I believe that a dedicated airport operator is an important advantage for maintaining our high levels of quality and service. With operations involving over 250 million passengers, Groupe ADP – which is a worldwide aviation leader – is lending QAIA extensive expertise by implementing various strategies that further enhance the traveler experience we offer. Moreover,we are now able to benefit from Groupe ADP’s operating network to create additional routes to Jordan, among others.

Why was Groupe ADP optimistic about QAIA?
A minority stakeholder in AIG since our inception 10 years ago, Groupe ADP came to realize our assets and potential. Additionally, other French companies have also made successful investments in Jordan, so it is understandable that Groupe ADP would be positive about the opportunity. 

How is AIG reducing its carbon footprint? 
We are developing a 10MW solar plant, which we expect by Q1 2019. We have also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in LED lighting in every corner of the airport.