Abdulla Jihad

Abdulla Jihad

Vice President of the Republic of the Maldives

Economy / Maldives

“There are about 23 new resorts coming up, adding 4,000 beds in total”

As President Abdulla Yameen’s first term comes to a close, his administration has begun taking inventory of major goals it has achieved over this tenure, including a strong increase in per capita GDP and the securing of large Gulf funds to expand the international airport, what Vice President Abdulla Jihad calls the Maldives “most critical project.”

How is economic expansion impacting the average Maldivian?
We are proud of what we have achieved in the last few years. You can see tangible results on the ground, including the delivery of 24-hour electricity and nationwide 3G & 4G services. In 2013, our per capita GDP was $7,660; now we’re over $10,000.

What is the adminstration’s vision for the Greater Malé Region?
President Yameen envisions around 70% of the population living near the Greater Malé Region, and around 30% in the remaining islands. We want to attract more people to the capital region, but also deliver water services and paved roads to all inhabited islands.

What is the most important project in the Maldives today and why?
The most critical project in the Maldives is the airport expansion. Relieving airport congestion is really critical because there are about 23 new resorts coming up, adding around 4,000 beds in total. We cannot cater to those resorts with the kind of congestion we have now.