Dominique Cressot

Dominique Cressot

Project Director of Vilamoura

Real Estate / Portugal

“The goal is to make Vilamoura a living city all year round”

Vilamoura World is facing a formidable challenge in creating a city of the future that is both natural and functional. We met Dominique Cressot, Project Director of Vilamoura World.

What distinguishes Vilamoura from the rest of Portugal?

Vilamoura’s real estate market is entirely independent of Lisbon, Porto and the rest of Portugal. The key words are “quality of life,” as we focus on history, comfort and consistency.

How do you see Vilamoura tomorrow?

We must reconnect with the history of Vilamoura. We cannot forget that Vilamoura was initially a farm surrounded by orchards, olive trees and food crops. Even today and compared with other tourism projects, Vilamoura is recognised for the quality of its green spaces.

We will expand on the environmental park of 200 hectares and make it entirely pedestrian, while ensuring it acts as a link to the equestrian centre and the sea on the western edge of Vilamoura. Initially we will focus on planting original species, fed and irrigated by recycled water from the lagoon. Buildings of different size and use alongside the golf course and lakes will be available.

All the real estate projects will be low rise and low in density, as they link together with a coherent personalised architecture.

In the future how do you envision transportation in Vilamoura?

We are increasingly focusing on transport and evaluating soft modes of transportation, that ensures all Vilamoura activities can be linked and so reduce the use of cars.

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