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“There is huge potential for business aviation services in this region”

Luxaviation is the second largest corporate aircraft operator in the world, thanks to fifty years of steady growth and acquisitions, the most recent one being ExecuJet. This success has won them a loyal client base in the 173 countries they serve, including working for a number of years in blossoming Asian markets. We spoke to CEO Patrick Hansen about their plans, particularly for China.

What is the key to your success?
We have a very flexible business model in which we manage aircraft for their owners. They fly their planes whenever they want, and for the rest of the time we use these aircraft to offer charter services to paying clients. This generates returns for the owner and provides a valuable service to business people who need to move around the world quickly. And as we grow, we improve our service and the returns.

How do you address the Asian market?
We are excited because there is huge potential for business aviation services in this region. There are around 1,000 business jets flying there, compared to 8,000 in the mature US market. Coming from multicultural Luxembourg, we understand that each country has unique needs. So we hire local staff and train our people to meet passenger expectations, whilst understanding that discerning clients appreciate quality service with a European flavour. Not to forget, of course, that we make sure our fleet has sufficient range for this large continent.

Which Asian markets have the most potential?
China, no doubt, but we are also experiencing growing interest from aircraft owners and passengers in places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

”Discerning clients appreciate quality service with a European flavour”

What has been the response in China?
Very positive. Sadly the business is restricted slightly by the length of time needed to acquire flying permits. However, last month we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Minsheng Aviation, which will allow us to develop further our offer for the fast-growing Asian business jet market and improve client services in this region.

Why did you decide to seek a partnership with Minsheng aviation?
Having strong European roots, Luxaviation Group needs a network of international partners to help us understand the needs of the local markets and enhance our expertise. Minsheng Aviation with its significant fleet of jets managed and financed in China and Hong Kong and aircraft financing capacity, is an excellent partner.

What benefits will Minsheng draw from working closely with Luxaviation?
Through its strong European footprint, Luxaviation Group with its staff of 1500 and over 250 jets in its fleet will enable Minsheng Aviation to carry out comprehensive operations with overseas companies and institutions.