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Novartis elevates Hungarian healthcare

Novartis, a global pharmaceutical powerhouse, is at the forefront of advancing healthcare systems worldwide.

Novartis elevates Hungarian healthcare

The Swiss company boasts a diverse portfolio of healthcare solutions that leverage science-based breakthroughs and digital technology. Colette Matz, Country President of Novartis Hungary, underscores the country’s pivotal role in the company’s global strategy, highlighting its capacity to compete internationally as a center for innovative, high-tech investments. In Hungary, Novartis holds the mantle of the leading pharmaceutical company by revenue and has been certified as a top employer for a third time in a row. With a presence spanning 33 years, Novartis now conducts one in ten of all clinical trials nationwide, during which the company shoulders significant patient care costs, encompassing medications, tests, and diagnostics. Moreover, Novartis collaborates closely with Hungarian medical universities, national institutes, and county hospitals.

An important milestone for Novartis was a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding with Hungary’s Ministry of Innovation and Technology and Semmelweis University. This tri-lateral public-private partnership signaled a new era of healthcare innovation in Hungary, accelerating the digitization of clinical research, advancing cell and gene therapies, and harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning, particularly in cardiology and ophthalmology. “Over the past two years, Novartis has announced a number of partnerships in Europe and globally,” says Matz. Furthermore, Novartis is bolstering its presence with a new regional research and development center in Budapest, serving as a hub for coordinating clinical operations across Southern Europe and Africa.

Matz emphasizes the company’s significant impact on Hungarian healthcare, citing that one in three individuals in Hungary benefit from Novartis-developed medicines and therapeutic treatments. The company’s initiatives in Hungary exemplify its dedication to advancing healthcare through innovation, collaboration, and strategic investments, underscoring its role as a transformative force in the global pharmaceutical landscape.