CEO of Orange Jordan

Telecom & IT / Jordan

“We have reached 95% 4G/LTE coverage”

Since merging with Jordan’s national telecom 17 years ago, Orange Jordan has invested over $2 billion to extend coverage, upgrade infrastructure and introduce networks up to 4G. Jerome Henique, CEO of Orange Jordan, unveils the company’s latest technologies and how they will enable businesses.

What new technologies has Orange deployed to boost connectivity?
Orange Jordan has launched several next-generation networks, including LTE, Fiber-To-The Home (FTTH), Fiber-To-The-Business (FTTB) and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem). Today, we have reached 95% 4G/LTE coverage, deployed 6,000 kilometers of FTTB cable, and are in process of installing more than 700 kilometers of FTTH cable, collectively covering the main cities of the Kingdom.

How is Orange enabling ICT businesses in Jordan?
Our new FTTB services have successfully enabled businesses to meet their connectivity needs through smart offices. Similarly, Orange Jordan was also the first to launch a large-capacity IP point of presence (PoP), which is located at our state-of-the art data centers, letting local and regional operators conveniently access global IP services from Jordan rather than other points, such as Europe or the US.

Which value-added services are driving growth in Jordan’s B2B market?
Orange Jordan is transforming from an operator to a service integrator, leveraging on its robust connectivity infrastructure. Today, we provide a variety of IT services security, including Unified Threat Management (UTM) services, as well as DDoS and cloud services, data centers, and network equipment, such as LAN, vehicle tracking and IPTV. Additionally, Orange Jordan’s massive data center in Marj Al-Hamam provides support for all of our B2B offerings and was built based on international standards to meet tier-3 requirements.

How many Smart Stores does Orange Jordan currently operate, and what are their distinguishing features?
We inaugurated our first flagship Smart Store in the Kingdom in April 2016, followed by three new launches in less than one year, and we will continue expanding our Smart Stores to include more areas in the Kingdom. Our Smart Stores present a revolutionary idea compared to pre-existing telecommunications stores, as they are all hands-on, highly interactive stores offering customers an unmatched and unprecedented digital shopping experience on a whole new level, as customers are allowed to actually interact with products before purchasing them.

How is Orange aligned with the Kingdom’s energy security goals?
As the leading internet operator in the Kingdom, Orange Jordan thought that utilizing solar power would be an effective way to express how important sustainability is to us. This is why we launched our Solar Farm Project last year, which will be producing more than 64GWh of renewable energy through a series of five solar farms located throughout the Kingdom to cover 100% of our electricity needs, and we will be the first in the market to do so.

Why should investors partner with Orange Jordan?
In line with His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision to establish Jordan as a regional ICT hub, we are committed to drastically enhancing the local ICT scene through our services, unprecedented offers and efforts taken to transform the country’s physical infrastructure to make it prepared for future technological advances.