Jeppe Jensen

Jeppe Jensen

CEO of Aqaba Container Terminal

Logistics / Jordan

“We have more than tripled throughput”

Since APM Terminals (APMT), one of the world’s largest port and terminal operators, signed a 25-year joint venture to manage the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) in 2006, the port has “more than tripled throughput capacity to 1.3m TEUs,” says ACT CEO, Jeppe Jensen.

How much investment went into improving the port?
To date, total investment has reached $300 million. The largest investment APMT has put into ACT was in 2013, when $140 million was invested to double the port’s key length to one kilometer, allowing us to serve up to three vessels simultaneously.

What opportunities does the reopening of Iraq’s border present?
About 25% to 30% of our volume used to transit to Iraq. We have prepared ourselves for the reopening of the borders and have a stronger value proposition than before. The most urgent thing for the country now is to develop hinterland infrastructure that meets today’s intermodal transportation needs.

What are the next steps at APMT?
We’re willing to further invest in Jordan, especially in hinterland infrastructure, such as an Amman dry port, an area where we have a lot of expertise. If Jordan wants to be at the forefront of regional trade, hinterland infrastructure is unmistakably critical.