Macron confirms now is the time for France to invest in Greece

French President Emmanuel Macron has made a symbolic visit to Greece, speaking from the birthplace of democracy in Athens to show support for Greek debt relief, EU reform and a distancing from the IMF.

A delegation of dozens of French business leaders accompanied Macron, who spoke of France’s desire to invest in Greece’s recovery.

President Macron and previous French leadership have become a counterweight to austerity measures proposed by Germany. The new French government has gone as far as proposing a debt relief program for Greece based on economic growth, and Macron backed up this stance by dissuading outside interference.

“I don’t think it was the right method for the IMF to supervise European programs and intervene in the way it did,” Macron said in Athens. “Let’s work within Europe and not turn to outside agencies.”

French investment currently plays a large role in Greece, including in the privatization of the port of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city.