Bobby Chua

Bobby Chua

Vice-Chairman of Swee Sdn Bhd

Real Estate & Construction / Brunei Darussalam

Swee bridges Brunei together

Over the past 40 years, Swee has built some of Brunei’s most important infrastructure, including the country’s water supply networks. Today, Swee has linked up with a Korean firm to build two iconic structures: bridges that will provide better connectivity between Brunei’s capital and surrounding regions. Bobby Chua, Vice Chairman of Swee, tells us more.

How has Swee impacted Brunei’s landscape?
Since starting the business, for 40 years we have participated in several large construction projects. Swee has built crucial water reservoirs, treatment plants and pipe networks; we have handled the majority of the water supply projects in the country. Swee also built the Muara to Jerudong part of the Muara-Tutong Highway, the country’s main cross-national roadway, as well as the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium.

Why did Korea’s Daelim choose you as a local partner for the Sungai Kebun Bridge?
After Daelim found out that we have a long-standing construction track record and are on good terms with the Brunei government, they teamed up with us for the Sungai Kebun Bridge. This partnership was a success and we are now in our second project with Daelim as the contractor for the largest portion of the Temburong Bridge.

What does the Temburong Bridge mean for Brunei?
It will save a lot of travelling time, allowing for drives from Muara to Temburong to take about 30 minutes. Once in place, Temburong can develop very quickly, be it in tourism or other industries.

How does the Royal government help investors?
I’m Singaporean. During my 40 years in Brunei, I have found that the government is very approachable and genuinely looks to help local and foreign businessmen.