Hrund Rudolfsdottir

Hrund Rudolfsdottir

CEO of Veritas Iceland

Innovation / Iceland

Keeping growth sustainable

Veritas Iceland is national market leader in the importation and distribution of pharmasauticals and health products, but as CEO Hrund Rudolfsdottir explains, the group is far from resting on its laurels.

How would you summarize Veritas?

Veritas is a group of six companies working in the pharmaceutical and health sector, importing and distributing about 60% of all pharmaceuticals entering Iceland. We are proud partners of global brands – we have contracts with around 350 producers – and of course of local retailers. We have grown organically and through the acquisition and successful integration of a half dozen companies, while implementing digitalization.

How does Veritas promote sustainability?

We have long implemented best-in-class approaches to corporate governance, how we approach health professionals, and what initiatives we support. Each company has a board with independent members. As a woman, I am committed to equal rights – another long-established group focus. On environmental sustainability, we have been deeply engaged as well. Two years ago we published a sustainability report. Sustainability measurements are on our managers’ agendas and count for incentive programs. From their regular employee meetings, our people know sustainability is part of our DNA.

What role do innovation and digitalization play in your success?

We have used smart digital ways of decreasing systems errors, hugely improving levels of service for customers. We know digital solutions don’t work unless frontline staff have the right attitude, so we have successfully worked to nurture a culture of service and professionalism. Customers now have a self-service option, logging on and taking care of business themselves. We also use digital to share tailor-made information with them.