Nongolougo Soro

Nongolougo Soro

Managing Director of the National Informatics Development Company (SNDI)

Telecom & IT / Cote d'Ivoire

Digital solutions for smart, streamlined government

The digitization of public administration, particularly through the deployment of ICT tools, is driven in Côte d’Ivoire by a dedicated state enterprise, the National Informatics Development Company (SNDI). Managing Director Nongolougo Soro explains how these systems have helped structure government.

How does the SNDI boost government efficiency?
An earlier project provides a good example of our work. Soon after SNDI was established in 1999, we created an integrated ICT system to help mange public finances, assisting the government to keep track of expenditure and revenue. Such was its success, that we have sold this system to five other West African nations.

How have you built on this success?
Currently, we are working on a major project to take e-government to the next level to help states better interact with their citizens while providing oil wells of new data. We also offer ICT consultancy services to state bodies and help train civil servants in order to boost their ICT-related knowledge and productivity. SNDI has also helped create an online portal to ease administrative tasks for businesses.