CEO of Aqaba Development Corporation

Economy / Jordan

“Blending tourism, logistics and industry in one place”

Born through royal vision, Aqaba has been guided by a master plan that split economic activity into 50% tourism, 30% logistics and 20% industry. Today, this plan has turned Aqaba into “unlike any other resort or port area in the region,” says Ghassan Ghanem, the Aqaba Development Corporation’s CEO.

What makes Aqaba’s developmental vision unique?
With Aqaba built as a national economic engine, we have proven that Jordan is capable of blending tourism, logistics, and industry in one place. We have found success because of our dynamic master plan, which has enabled us to apply stricter industrial regulations while offering heavy industry land outside of the city in Qweirah.

What is Aqaba’s port strategy?
Aqaba has a fast-growing port community that will have 32 berths by 2018, as well as the newly operational New South Port, capable of catering to a variety of cargo for Jordan and the region.

What new tourism assets are being developed?
Diversifying our tourism product is a priority, with Aqaba’s Royal Yacht club now turning into an entrainment and commercial centre, while the multi-billion-dollar Saraya, Ayla Oasis and Marsa Zayed projects are all on schedule to help boost our hotel room capacity to 9,000 by 2020.